Cube Natural Fit Grips Comfort – Black´n´Grey


CUBE Natural Fit Grips COMFORT – black´n´grey

Lots of comfort while maintaining a secure grip: These CUBE grips made of triple density technology have internal clamping and high-quality Cold Forged aluminum clamps. As a top layer acts soft shock X material, which absorbs high-frequency vibrations.

Natural Fit philosophy applied to a relaxing riding experience. The CUBE Natural Fit COMFORT grips are designed for maximum comfort. The particularly strongly shaped contact surface reduces pressure on the nerve pathways in the hand, so that pain or numb fingers are a thing of the past. The oval handle shape follows the anatomy of the hand and supports its functionality. The differentiated structuring of the grip surface guarantees ideal grip.

CUBE Natural Fit grips are each available in two diameters: grip size S recommended for glove size up to 8, grip size L recommended for glove size from 9.
Scope of delivery: 1 pair

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